Bonjour Paris

First weekend in Paris? Check!

So far, I’m loving it here!
(Let’s hope I feel the same way in a month or so.)

I just said goodbye to my parents, they’re on their way back home. We’ve spent an incredible weekend in Paris. But it had to start à la Belgique! Our train was delayed for 45 min. Apparently, the train driver got sick and there was no substitute to be found.
Oh Belgium and your horrible public transportation, I will not miss you!

On my arrival in the hotel, I was welcomed by an other intern, Lucas. He showed me around. I never knew what hotels would like ‘behind the scenes’, so it was quite interesting to see all of that.

Then, I got to see my ‘home’. It’s a small room on the top floor of the hotel. I will probably sweat to death in summer, but the room has everything you need.

DSC00024 Happy to finally be here!
(Do you see those suitcases? I filled 3 of them and I still don’t have all my stuff here!)

After we dropped my luggage, my parents and I went for a little bit of exploring.
The sun was out!

The Notre Dame and it’s tourists.



Can you spot the Eiffel Tower?




There she is!

That night, I introduced myself Ella-style to my fellow interns. I wanted to take a shower, so grabbed my stuff and headed to the shower. When I closed my door I heard a loud ‘click’. Guess what: I had locked myself out of my room. On my first night here … Heading to the shower, so I wasn’t wearing too many clothes…

I probably didn’t open the lock completely when I entered the room. So when I left my room and closed the door behind me, the lock closed because of the slam. Good job me.

This is the famous lock. Biatch.

Luckily most of the interns were in their rooms, so I could ask them for help. Two of them went downstairs to the reception to get a spare key. The lady that keeps these came back up with them. I will be working with her next week, and this was our first introduction!

Way to go Ella!

The next day (this morning) I went for brunch with my parents at Café Madam. I highly recommend this place. It was delicious!


The following pictures are from my room. This way you can imagine where I’m hanging out.





Nothing fancy, but I really like it! It feels like ‘kot’ to me.

Thanks for reading & au revoir!


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