Oh hay & welcome

You have found my Paris spot of blogging.

Even though I’m not in Paris yet, I wanted to get this started. Get myself pumped!

This post is a preview, just as the next the next couple of posts will be. (I can’t write about Paris if I’m not actually in Paris).

(Here’s a marvellous picture of the Eiffel tower & me from a couple of months ago to make up for that)

I started blogging on Tumblr, but apparently you need to have a Tumblr-account in order to be able te see my blog. So I switched to WordPress.

So, from the 14th of Marchon I’ll be in Paris for 6 months. If you didn’t know this already, I’m doing an internship there. I found an amazing 6-month internship and got my school’s approval for it. My internship for school only needs to be one of 3 months, but since I graduate half way through why not go for 6 months? Except from some festivals I didn’t have any plans for the summer yet. So I went for it.

To me right now, it feels like life after the 14th of March is quite vague. I mean, I have a good idea of what I’ll be doing. But I’m also very curious to see how the details will play out. You know, which routines will become mine? How will my mornings look like? Who will be the people I meet? Where are we going to hang out? Are we going to have a favourite bar or café? And so on.

I’m feeling restless at the moment. I just want to leave, get going. I want to leave my boring Bilzen-life behind me and see what these 6 months have to offer. Now that I’ve finally been able to get all the paperwork completed I don’t want to waste time in Bilzen. I just want to go.

Next to that, I’ve also doubted this ‘blogging’ part. I’m not going to the other side of the world, so why should I bother blogging or writing? I mean, I’ll be in contact with my people quite often I think. But this will (hopefully) be a spot to write off anything on my mind. And also a way of keeping my peoples up to date.

Here I am in France, just imagine a beautiful view of Paris in the background.

Thanks for reading!

I’ll be back soon.



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